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Here is why you should call Defense Locksmith 

Many locksmith companies spend a lot of money on advertising to show up at the top of your search results, while we simply work hard, providing great service resulting in a high ranking with Google as a result.  We are are here to be your local locksmith owned by a long time Buffalonian, so we understand what you need, when you need us, from our location to yours in no time at all.

Let us be your locksmith to unlock your door, change your locks, rekey, make you a new key, open your safe or change the code on your safe, program your key fob, electronic  or mechanical keypad locks.

We keep advertising costs low so that we can pass along the savings to you, our valued customer.


Our locksmith company gives everyone equal services, and our reviews prove how quick, friendly and efficient we are as a locksmith services.

(please see our Testimonials or Google search


We will come to you when you need us the most, even if it's in the middle of the night when there's no one else you can turn to in an emergency lockout's our duty to serve you!

Don't wait! Call us now! We are operating 24 hours.

Key extraction

Key Extraction

Broken key inside your ignition, car door, house lock or business lock, we are here for you. 

Don't try getting the key out yourself, looking on a YouTube video how to do it, might cause more damage. 

Call us and let us do it for you. 

We take full responsibility if any damage is done top the lock.

Using a special extracting tools, we are able to safely remove the broken key or any particle stopping the key to turn the lock to open or start the car. 

If you need a new key we are able to provide that as well.

Call us now and don't do it yourself

Vintage GM Car Keys

Up until 1986, the GM industry was using one sided cut keys, similar to a regular house key,  but with a different keyway for their vehicles: one key for the door and another for the ignition, and they didn't have a transponder chip in them but rather a simple metal key with no plastic covering.  

Eventually, VATS (Vehicle Anti-theft System) keys were introduced as the first electronic keys.  These keys have resisters embedded inside so that when someone inserts they key into the car's ignition, an electric current travels through the resister inside and a value is read by a computer inside of the car--if the value does't match the computer's memory, the vehicle will not start..  

Defense locksmith can help if you have lost your vintage car keys:  maybe because you just haven't driven the car in a while, or just waiting for the summer to joy ride your vintage beauty and you forgot where you placed your keys. 

Our technicians knows what to do, how to make you a new key mostly without disassembling the old ignition, which requires the steering wheel to be taken out.

Defense Locksmith will come to you... no need to tow your car anywhere, we will make the key right in front of you so you can drive your car with a set of new keys.

Our professional technicians are insured and our company is registered with the State of New York.

Defense Locksmith will bring your vintage car that you love so much to hum again. 

Give us a call, schedule an appointment and we'll be right over.

Vintage GM Car Keys
Exit commercial trim


Exit Trim

Aluminum finish trim lever replacement for a commercial exit door.

This specific trim lever is a replacement for an original that was not functioning and the  handle was broken, the replacement trim was modified and fitted to the door so the handle could be used to pull the door open, when turning the cylinder counter clock wise to unlock, and when it's locked the handle would not move.

In many situations defense locksmith would replace the trim, lock and or the door handle to the exact replica so adjustment won't be necessary, but because this specific trim was discontinued for reasons that unknown to us, some companies say it is because the old  trim handles are not the best quality and break in a short period of time. 

So if you find yourself with a broken lock, trim handle such as this, give us a call, we will be happy to order you a new one, and do our best to get your lock fixed as soon as possible.

Schlage Deadbolt- Key Operation 

In this video will show you how to use a key on a Schlage deadbolt .

Many people get this keyless deadbolt installed but have no idea how to use the key when the battery runs out, so here's a short video with some explanation.

Here at Defense Locksmith we will install it for you and explain how to use it, then make sure you know how to use it before we leave.

Here's what we've been working on

Key or key fob replacement for a German car 

It’s never fun to lose a car key, especially when it’s to a foreign car as it can be difficult to find a locksmith with the expertise to work on foreign vehicles, plus the keys are often more costly to replace than domestic vehicles.

The good news is, our services have expanded. We are now making German and British car keys in addition to all domestic makes/models.

Whether you lost your keys or just want to make another copy, call or text us informing us of the year, make and model of the vehicle and we will quote you with a price.

It is unfortunate when you have to call a locksmith, but we are here to help you if you get stuck—instead of towing your car to the dealership, we can come to you and make you a new key(s) on the spot. Please note: some vehicles require us to dismantle the dashboard, component and car computer in order to operate and complete the job. Don’t be alarmed, our technicians are experienced. They always put all the parts back together the way they were so you’ll be able to drive off with a brand new key.

mercedes key programming
key fob remote start

We now install remote start 

It’s getting cold outside!  Winter weather is here for Western NY and Erie County.

Bitter cold temperatures is something we all face each winter in the Buffalo area.  If you don’t have the luxury of parking your vehicle in an enclosed garage, I bet you’re like me and would rather someone else start your car for you so that it’s warmed up before heading to work, or wherever your plans take you.

Let us tell you about our brand new service.

Defense Locksmith is now installing remote starters to almost any vehicle.  All you need to do is call us, tell us the year, make and model of your vehicle and we will let you know if our system supports your car, from year 1988 to current year.

In addition to auto start, we can equip your vehicle with a drone option to your remote start.

What is drone option?

With your remote start installation we can add (per your request) a device that easily connects to your smart phone so that you can lock, unlock and/or start your car from great distances, follow your vehicle in the event it was stollen.  You have control in the palm of your hand.  No need to buy a newer car to have upgraded options.

Call us today and get your appointment booked with us, we will come to your door and install it under your supervision.

No more early mornings spent trying to get warm in your vehicle or locking the keys in the car trying to get it warm. Call, text or email us now.

*Appointment required.  Please allow 3-7 business days for appointment window.

Let’s lock it up!

Purchased a new house and want fresh locks? Or maybe you want to save some money and simply get your locks re-keyed to halt previously granted access to others. Re-keying is a great alternative to replacing locks and we can get them all working under the same master key. Avoid going out and purchase your own locks and then attempting to do this job on your own as the locks might not fit your door and you could end up spending more money calling a professional later to install the locks for you.

We recommend getting your locks replaced by one of our highly trained locksmith technicians carrying the right tools for the job.

We offer warranty up to a year on our locks depending on which grade of lock you choose.

Don’t know where to begin? Give us a call and we will provide you with our rates and a quote for services. Be sure to tell us what’s most important to you and how secure you need the lock(s) to be and we will provide options for your review and approval. 

keypad entry
mobile locksmith buffalo ny

Why Choose Defense Locksmith

Finding a local locksmith has never been more easy. Defense Locksmith comes to you wherever you are located. We provide a wide range of locksmith services including but not limited to house locks for all makes and brands, car keys - replacement foreign and domestic, key fobs and mechanical keys, commercial and residential lock rekeying, master system, as well as lock installation and repair. We drive all across Erie county in Buffalo NY to serve our customers. We strive to get to you ASAP so you can be on your way quickly. Our technicians are well equipped with the top of the line machinery, tools, locks and keys to perform the job. Defense Locksmith is dedicated to providing you with top notch customer service so that the next time you need lock or key services, you know who to call right away.

For more information about additional services we offer, please email us or for a quicker response call us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. 


Commercial Trim for Bar 

Having issues with your commercial entry trim handle malfunctioning, or is it broken?   These are problems that can occur after many years of use in high traffic areas.  Every trim has a very sophisticated clutch locking mechanism to prevent forced entry and when it brakes or stops working, it's time to replace. 

Trim is usually not cheap. We will need the exact replica of the old trim to be able to fit to the door.  There are less expensive options but they are often not as durable. 

Are you ready to get your door entry trim for outside activation fixed or replaced? 

Call us and we will order and install it for you so that you can keep your business secure and your doors functioning properly.

We are open 24 hours for emergency locksmith response and regular hours for scheduled appointments. 

commercial trim
keyless entry ford push to start

Keyless Entry - Smart Key Fob

Vehicles with a push button to start the engine, every car has a different serial number, different style and cannot be programmed to another vehicle even if it is the same make and even a model, it need to be a specific year and very accurate part number. We are equipped with most up to date smart keys, remote and key fobs to your vehicle, Incase you have lost your key fob you just need to call us, tell us the year make and model of your vehicle and we will tell you if we stock this particular key fob. Our computers can program and we can cut the emergency key that is inside your smart key fob, which can open your car incase your remote ran out of battery. 

We Will Open Your Lock

“In this picture below is a lock that protects the trailer from being towed away and stolen.

Defense Locksmith sent one of its technicians to unlock it when a customer contacted us because they had lost their keys. Upon arrival, in order to proceed, our technician asked for proof of ownership papers to validate it belongs to them.

We teach our technicians to be precise, cautious, aware and ask the right questions before opening any lock.

We are here to provide service in case of emergency even in the middle of the night when it's cold and you're stuck outside of your home or your vehicle.

Call us and we will be there as soon as possible.”

Trailer lock opening
garage door lock

Lost my garage door key

A garage door lock usually has a few digits displayed next to the key hole which allows us to identify through a database to determine if we can make you that particular key. 

Call us and if you've lost the key to your lock; we will ask for that number.  If  your garage door lock does not have a number visible on the lock, we can simply replace the lock.

 Our company serves customers via a mobile locksmith unit. Our technicians drive around Buffalo, NY providing customers with the requested service. 

Broken Door Frame 

Did someone just broke into your house? The frame is all broken? We can help! call us and we will make sure to get it fixed right away and the right way! We can also install new locks and if needed we can replace your door as well. check us out on Facebook, or at our website to read more, or just simply call us and we will be happy to assist with any lock or key related issues.

door frame repair

Why do you need a Commercial handle

You may be wondering why you need a handle that size and not just a simple door knob.

Big offices and Hospitals mostly use commercial levers for their doors, storage closets, patient rooms and bathrooms. These high traffic spaces require more than just a standard house door knob. These commercial levers are made to last longer for busy areas, and are more durable than just a simple door knob, not to mention how easy is it to simply pull down the handle and enter the room, rather than using more force to turn a knob. So easy!


Commercial levers come in various finished styles, shapes and colors with multiple uses. Whether it’s a simple closet that doesn't need a keyed cylinder, an office that doesn’t need a key, or a bathroom style lock,

Defense Locksmith will work with you to hand pick the commercial lever that best suits your commercial business.

Picking a lock

Locked Out???

Let us open your lock, be the locksmith that gets the job done fast!

It's getting cold out now and you don't need to be stuck out there for too long, if you are locked out of your car or your house give us a call we'll be there in no time.

Check us out on our website if you want to read more about what else we do, such as re-key, Lock replacement, key fob programming, car key replacement and much more....

Call us day and night, we will be there for you!

Lock picking
Push to start comfort access keyless entry

Smart key programming

Remote and push to start key fob

In 1995 Siemens company developed the first smart key and it was introduced to the world by Mercedes-Benz in 1998 when the W220 S-class first came out.

The push to start electric button in vehicle was already existed, when it was introduced by Cadillac in 1912, but did not have a smart key, just by simply pushing a button the car would start.

This patent made things easy for anyone who wanted to drive a car.

Since then, many car companies have been using the the method of a push to start, but in order to do so a proximity key would be necessary to have inside the vehicle to start.

Defense Locksmith can help you with the unfortunate event of losing your key, by erasing the old ones and programming a new key fob, in case there was a theft and someone got a hold of your keys.

There’s no need to go to tow the car to the dealer. Save yourself some time and call us and we can come to you.

Three point lock

Three point locking mechanism

A three point lock can usually be found on the back door of a store, a house or on the emergency exit of a large building.

You must be wondering what is a Three Point Lock? A three point lock, also called a multi-lock is a lock that secures the door at the top, middle and bottom sections making it more secure than a single lock door.

Because the TPL mechanism is more complex than other locks, not all locksmiths have the experience, and therefore are unable to provide this service. Here at Defense Locksmith we specialize in Three Point Locks, whether you need a new one installed, want to replace an old one, or simply repair your current three point lock.

Look no further, don’t call your door manufacturer, they can help you with the parts but probably will tell you to call a locksmith. We are experienced with TPL doors.

Call us now or leave us a detailed email and let us get it fixed for you.

broken key inside a deadbolt lock

Broken key 

“Oh no! The key broke in my lock. How am I going to get it out? Do I need a new lock?”

This is an unfortunate situation, but Defense Locksmith can help and we may be able to save the lock or your ignition cylinder.

Keys are everything! They open doors, they keep doors locked and secured. They also start your vehicle so you can get from point A to point B. When they break you are stuck and unable to do any of these things.

It could happen for one of several reasons:

- The key is simply worn out or was used too many times. 

- The lock jammed and you put too much force into it.

- The cuts of the key are too deep that there's not enough strength for the key to withstand the pressure.

We have seen many broken keys from a house lock to an ignition cylinder.

With special extracting tools, cameras and cylinder scopes, we will extract the broken key or jammed piece that's standing in the way of opening the lock.

old style antique mortise lock

Old residential mortise lock

Still fixable, we can determine by a quick look

You are probably wondering why we uploaded this image; its not a good looking lock and looks like it is a broken one.

Well, it is an old lock and probably still works, if the right locksmith is on the job. As long as the locking mechanism is still in a good condition then it is just a matter of replacing the key cylinder or just a re-key.

In-case the locking mechanism isn’t working properly and missing screws, the latch or dead latch isn’t working, then replacing it is doable but an extra work.

This old lock is on a really old door and locksmith’s would come and make new holes in the door and install new type of locks. As a locksmith company that appreciates old doors and wouldn’t want to see a nice door being drilled in, we would recommend to get a similar mortise lock combo.

There is a big selection of mortise lock options to choose from, we are here to help you find the right one for your door, whether you like it to be a decorative handle and lock plates (as you can see in the picture) or just a simple chrome, stainless steel, brass or other finished color.

Let us be the locksmith company you trust with your door and advise you on what is the best way to care for your door, after all the front door and the lock is the first thing you see when you walk into your house, and you want to be the best looking and long lasting as it could be.

What is Re-key?- Learn how it saves you money!

What is Re-key? Learn how it saves you money.

Buying a new lock to replace an old lock might seem like the easiest solution to changing the key to your house, but read on to learn about a different option that can save you time and money.

Did someone move out?

Did you move into a new house and you just want a new set of keys?

Or are you are a landlord with new tenants who need or want brand new keys?

You might think going to the store, purchasing a new lock, and having some knowledge of how to use a screwdriver will be enough to get the job done, but that’s not always the case. You might end up getting yourself into a project you can't finish, resulting in the need to call a professional locksmith. This is where we come in.

What is a re-key? We simply re-key the lock that’s already in place, and create a new key. The only thing that changes is the little components inside the lock which makes it fit to a new key.

Calling us first will save you time and money, and help you avoid unexpected problems along the way.

Our trained technicians will come direct to your home to assess your lock to ensure it’s in good condition and able to re-key.

schlage keypad lock

Keyless entry lock

Everyone has lock on their homes, they have set of keys in their pocket, maybe another pair somewhere hidden, this is how they get to lock and unlock their house door, their car door, keys is very important to have, because without keys, there is no way to get in and out of places.

Keys are in your pocket or in your bag, this is where you store it, but, what if you misplaces them, they are lost, a hole in the pocket and... no more keys. Sounds scary right? we all had this happened to us before, some us found them selves climbing into their house though the window, this is even scarier, and there is no need to extend.

There is something that can prevent all of that b y calling Defense Locksmith in buffalo NY and having them come and install a long lasting keyless entry keypad lock on your door, so in case anything like said above happens, all you need to do is remember a family member's date of birth and then you're in your house no hustle.

It can also be very good if you go on vacation and you want your friend or someone close to feed your fish or your house cat. 

We are in 2022 and you should live you are in it.

Call us now to get your keyless deadbolt or keyless lever entry lock.

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

push to start smart universal key

Universal proximity key fob

Vehicle remote replacement

Universal remote is the best temporary solution or even a long term solution if you have lost your key fob.

Universal key fob can also be used as a transmitter, like your old key fob.

If you have a push to start in your vehicle, we will program the universal remote to make it work with your vehicles transmitter.

It will lock and unlock you car doors and even your trunk if your old fob was able to do so.

The only downside about the universal remote key fob is that it will not be able to remote start your vehicle.

That is why we recommend, that if you had a remote start button on your old key fob you should just get a replacement that can remote start your car.

However, if we do not stock the remote and need to order, then making you a universal key fob would be the temporary solution.

The way this key fob works is via computer transmitter device when the remote is placed inside the slot, choosing the vehicle you want it to work with and it generate the coding.

When finished generating the code, the remote is ready to be programed to your car by a computer that’s connected to your vehicle via OBD connection.

If you are in need of a new key fob because it's lost, stolen or damaged and you don’t want to spend too much money on a new OEM key fob, give us a call.

Our technician will arrive at your place and will set you up quickly .

Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep

Fobik And Wireless Ignition Module replacement

A lot of people in the United States have a Fobik key to their Car, Van or truck, whether it is a jeep, Chrysler or Dodge vehicle.

Fobik keys has a transmitter in the key that gives a signal to the control module to start the engine.

There has been a lot of cases when the key fob does not lock or unlock the vehicle, even after changing the battery.

The key fob has an emergency key slot in the back of it, in case of fob malfunctioning.

Finally, when you realize that the battery is not the problem, this is when it’s time to call a locksmith and get a new one.

Wireless Ignition Module also known as- WIN Module.

In many cases the WIN module is on a re-call part and you can get yours for free or at a low cost.

When your WIN module stops working, turns but won’t start, get stuck or stick, then you know it is time for a new control module.

Here at Defense Locksmith we are experienced and have encountered situations alike in the past.

We know how to take apart all components around the WIN module and replace it without damaging vital parts.

Call us now to get a quote on your module replacement.

WIN module jeep, dodge, chrysler fobik key
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