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Padlock Picking

Lost keys? don't want to cut the lock open?

Call us and we will send out our locksmith tech to open it for you.

Defense Locksmith Services In Buffalo 

The following are some of the services we provide 


Fresh Installation Service


Fresh Installation Service

What is 'Fresh Installation'?

Here at Defense Locksmith, our technicians are very experienced at door and look installation. If your door isn't already fitted for a handle or a deadbolt and you would like extra security for your door, we will drill a new hole for your door or just expand the existing one, at a reasonable price, with precision, accuracy and no damage to the frame or the door. 

Lock Picking Service

Lock Picking Service

Lock picking requires a fair amount of concentration and the right tools for the job. Defense Locksmith is located in Buffalo NY and services the surrounding areas in Erie County via mobile unit (we come to you). So if you locked yourself out of your house or your car, we have the necessary tools to get you in and on your way soon as possible with no damage to your lock or door.

Re-key service

Re-key service

What is a Re-key? 

Many people are unaware that by calling a locksmith, they can save money by simply re-keying the lock, which means that the locksmith removes the old lock (if able), disassembles it with special tools and replace the components to fit a new set of  keys. At Defense Locksmith with do just that and you end up paying less .

emergency push bar

Emergency Push Bar 

You must have seen this on many back emergency back doors In public areas, restaurants, malls, stores, theaters etc.

The emergency rush bar is installed across the door swinging outwards.

Must be installed 34 to 48 inches from the floor.

Can’t be too hard to push, not more than 15 pounds.

Must be ADA compliant for disabled person to able to push.

Can not have any pad locks or chains preventing from opening.

Touch pad or push bar mush be at least half the width of the door.

Every building and company with few employees and more, require a fire door with a push bar to exit, larger businesses means more emergency exits.

Read more about emergency push bars and fire doors

door closer

Door Closer

Why do you need a door closer?

Are you a business owner? Do you have many visitors coming in and out of the building? Forgetting to closer the door? the AC or heating is going out the door?

The the door closer is for you! It is speed adjusted and it keeps the door closed.

In-case the door is heavy, or light weight, there are many door closer options.

Heavy duty door closers and can withstand high traffic and some are less expensive and is meant for light traffic.

Door closers are the solution for commercial and residential doors to be closed shut.

Knowing what type of door closer you need for you door is our job, installation and adjustments.

Our door closers come with 6 month warranty, guaranteed to serve your purpose and keep the door closed.


Mortise Mechanism

If your old mortise mechanism on the security or on the main entrance door is not working, it's probably old and some of the components inside of  it are broken.

The best solution is to replace it with a new one that will last for 25 years or more..

If you will just try and get it fixed it might just  work, for a while, but then again it might stop working and some other part will get loose or break.

(When you introduce a new part to an older mechanism it might not work.

Get a free estimate. 

Our professional technicians can help you choose a new working lock with warranty.

Call us now.

Car key; car key program

Since 1970, security for car keys has increased.  As the years go by, laser cut car keys are harder to decode and cut.  Defense Locksmith has the specialized tools and machines to cut and program high security car keys in the unfortunate event they are lost or broken.

Key stuck; stuck out; broken key

When you are in a rush, or it’s cold outside, the last thing you want to happen is to be locked out of your car or home. If you find yourself in this emergency situation, call Defense Locksmith and we will be there as soon as we can (time varies  depending on location.)

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Keypad lock
Keypad lock

From hospitals to small local businesses, we offer services for commercial locks of all types.  Our commercial locks are high quality, durable and long lasting, and are under warranty up to 1 year.  Should anything go wrong with the lock under warranty, we will get it fixed or replaced at no extra charge.

%10 off service members

To show our appreciation, Defense Locksmith extends a 30% discount on locks and keys for military veterans and active duty service members. We honor the brave men and women for their sacrifice and protecting our country and its people by putting their lives on the line for our safety and freedom.

*Qualified proof is required

Broken key extraction; broken key

Your lock is sticking, you turn the key too hard and then suddenly the key breaks inside the lock. Now you can't lock or unlock your house.  Your next move should be to call a local locksmith. Defense Locksmith is located in Buffalo, NY.  We are here for you, ready to fix or replace your lock and set you up with a new key. 

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Re-key; residential lock; deadbolt; doorknob

Residential and commercial locks are graded on a scale from 3 to 1:  Grade 3 provides basic protection, 2 is more secure, and 1 is the strongest and most reliable. Here at Defense Locksmith, we carry them all. You choose which lock is best for you and we send our technician to install when is best for you. Protecting your home or business is our first priority.


Protecting your home – first line of defense!

Defense Locksmith is here when you’re ready to make changes to your home locks. Did someone recently move out of your home, and you don’t want them to have access any longer? That’s easy! Rather than changing out the locks, we can re-key them for you, saving you time and money.

Did you remodel your home and want to upgrade your locks to match the hardware? Make an appointment via text, call or email us. You can choose to send us pictures of the lock you’re already interested in, or you can choose to take our advice based on our assessment. We are here to guide you in the decision-making process. 

Do you own a vacation home and finding it inconvenient to leave a key for your guests? We can quickly install a keyless entry lock for you, making it very convenient to change the code after each guest leaves.

Below are different types of residential locks you can choose from:

  • Entry Doorknobs
  • Hand Levers
  • Deadbolt Locks
  • Keyless Entry Door
  • Sliding Glass Door Locks

Call, text or e-mail us today. If you’re interested in taking your home protection a step further, we can advise on what to purchase and install yourself, with couple of easy steps. We are here for you night and day for emergency lockout services as well.

Commercial Lock
commercial locks

More About Commercial Lock Settings

  • push bars for emergency exits
  • commercial door lever-keyed entry function
  • classroom, hall/passage function
  • bed and bath privacy function
  • Mortise lock

The difference between these commercial locks and residential locks is, they are more secure and can withstand high traffic such as stores, hospitals, office space etc.

Another thing to note is that commercial locks can be used in residential buildings with multiple units.

What is a push bar? A push bar is mainly used in high traffic area exits like a mall or gym, and is often used on back doors for emergency exit by pushing on the bar located along the door.

Passage locks are used as a latching mechanism without a key or lock. They are simply used to travel between rooms and don’t provide any privacy.

Commercial door levers can be used in various settings such as a bathroom, a classroom with a keyed option, or simply a closet or cabinet door without a locking mechanism. Typically you’ll find these in hospitals, large offices and/or other commercial spaces.

Mortise locks are generally used in businesses with glass doors or commercial doors and have a latch and lock mechanism.

Here at Defense Locksmith we have technicians with the skill and knowledge to install any type of lock. Give us a call today to get your door set and secured.

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