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Broken key

“Oh no! The key broke in my lock. How am I going to get it out? Do I need a new lock?”

This is an unfortunate situation, but Defense Locksmith can help and we may be able to save the lock or your ignition cylinder.

Keys are everything! They open doors, they keep doors locked and secured. They also start your vehicle so you can get from point A to point B. When they break you are stuck and unable to do any of these things.

It could happen for one of several reasons:

- The key is simply worn out or was used too many times.

- The lock jammed and you put too much force into it.

- The cuts of the key are too deep that there's not enough strength for the key to withstand the pressure.

We have seen many broken keys from a house lock to an ignition cylinder.

With special extracting tools, cameras and cylinder scopes, we will extract the broken key or jammed piece that's standing in the way of opening the lock.

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