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Detex exit device

In case of a fire in the building, there should always be another back or side door to exit the building for safety. When a fire breaks out, the alarm sounds, the power goes off and all other powered devices are offline except for the fire alarm including lights that flicker and exit signs to show you where you should go to exit the building. 

The Detex exit device has a 9V battery to power the alarm, the device is always armed and locked with a bolt so there is no way to access or leave the building unless you have an override key.  When exiting the building by pushing the Detex exit device, the power circuit will disengage and the alarm will sound, making it easy to find the exit when the lights are out. 

The Detex exit device can be use for another purpose- when the door is being used just for an exit the Detex exit device alarm will sound allowing you to know when the back door is being used.

Additionally, the Detex exit device is the NYS commercial building standard and codes to have an alarm exit device to allow swift exit of the building is mandatory.

Defense Locksmith can help you choose the right one for your door.  UL rated and up to NYS standards and codes, our locksmith technicians will install the device for you so you won't have to worry or risk your business or the safety of your people.

Detex exit device

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