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Let's lock it up

Purchased a new house and want fresh locks? Or maybe you want to save some money and simply get your locks re-keyed to halt previously granted access to others. Re-keying is a great alternative to replacing locks and we can get them all working under the same master key. Avoid going out and purchase your own locks and then attempting to do this job on your own as the locks might not fit your door and you could end up spending more money calling a professional later to install the locks for you.

We recommend getting your locks replaced by one of our highly trained locksmith technicians carrying the right tools for the job.

We offer warranty up to a year on our locks depending on which grade of lock you choose.

Don’t know where to begin? Give us a call and we will provide you with our rates and a quote for services. Be sure to tell us what’s most important to you and how secure you need the lock(s) to be and we will provide options for your review and

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