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Remote start installation

It’s getting cold outside! Winter weather is here for Western NY and Erie County.

Bitter cold temperatures is something we all face each winter in the Buffalo area. If you don’t have the luxury of parking your vehicle in an enclosed garage, I bet you’re like me and would rather someone else start your car for you so that it’s warmed up before heading to work, or wherever your plans take you.

Let us tell you about our brand new service.

Defense Locksmith is now installing remote starters to almost any vehicle. All you need to do is call us, tell us the year, make and model of your vehicle and we will let you know if our system supports your car, from year 1988 to current year.

In addition to auto start, we can equip your vehicle with a drone option to your remote start.

What is drone option?

With your remote start installation we can add (per your request) a device that easily connects to your smart phone so that you can lock, unlock and/or start your car from great distances, follow your vehicle in the event it was stollen.

You have control in the palm of your hand. No need to buy a newer car to have upgraded options.

Call us today and get your appointment booked with us, we will come to your door and install it under your supervision.

No more early mornings spent trying to ge

t warm in your vehicle or locking the keys in the car trying to get it warm. Call, text or email us now.

*Appointment required. Please allow 3-7 business days for appointment window.

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