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Vintage GM car keys- V.A.T.S.

Up until 1986, the GM industry was using one sided cut keys, similar to a regular house key, but with a different keyway for their vehicles: one key for the door and another for the ignition, and they didn't have a transponder chip in them but rather a simple metal key with no plastic covering.

Eventually, VATS (Vehicle Anti-theft System) keys were introduced as the first electronic keys. These keys have resisters embedded inside so that when someone inserts they key into the car's ignition, an electric current travels through the resister inside and a value is read by a computer inside of the car--if the value does't match the computer's memory, the vehicle will not start..

Defense locksmith can help if you have lost your vintage car keys: maybe because you just haven't driven the car in a while, or just waiting for the summer to joy ride your vintage beauty and you forgot where you placed your keys.

Our technicians knows what to do, how to make you a new key mostly without disassembling the old ignition, which requires the steering wheel to be taken out.

Defense Locksmith will come to you... no need to tow your car anywhere, we will make the key right in front of you so you can drive your car with a set of new keys.

Our professional technicians are insured and our company is registered with the State of New York.

Defense Locksmith will bring your vintage car that you love so much to hum again.

Give us a call, schedule an appointment and we'll be right over.

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