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Commercial Locks & Keys Services


Ready to upgrade your office locks to a keyless entry system? 

Old locks are irreplaceable, they are strong, they fit perfectly to the old doors they were put on in the first place, but does it tell you when someone get in and out of the office? can you let someone in with your phone when you're half way across the world? 

In the commercial locksmith business there are many ways and there are top of the line cutting edge technology that we offer and should work and integrate with the existing door.

Whether it is just a door closer to the exit metal or a push bar device replacement for a glass door, we are here to advise you on what is best suited to your doors.

In this page you will be able to read about what we do in details, scroll down and choose from the following of what is that you are looking to replace or renew and give us a call, send us an email or request a quote.

Mortise Locks

Mortise lock comes in all shapes, sizes and for different doors, whether it is a commercial glass door, a wooden bedroom door or an older building entrance door. 

Mostly these days we are using mortise locks for commercial use.

What is mortise lock? Mortise lock has a unique mechanism that allows you to replace the cylinder or when needing to re-key the lock,  without having to take the whole mechanism out of the door, it is based at the edge of the door and inserted just like a VCR video cassette, sideways into the door. 

Most stores and commercial buildings entrances are using the mortise mechanism lock, easy to operate and easy to replace incase of malfunction. 

There's also an option to use the mortise latch bolt  on a low voltage electronic trike.

Our locksmith technicians can also install an electronic keyless mortise lock on your door replacing the simple cylinder with a state of the art keyless lock.

Ask us about options for your door. 

Commercial Keyless Entry

Need a keyless lock for my store. 

Keypad lock can come in many variations, shapes, sizes and  finish, installing a keyless lock on your business door, you office door or even back door so the delivery truck would be able to unload without you being present, nose keyless lock have a key option, even though it's called keyless. 

Having the option to open the door from half way across the world is nice, easy and makes everything more comfortable for everyone, your employee that forgot the keys at home or when you want to let someone in the office when you are upstairs and busy with other things. 

Keyless locks have the option to be connected to the WiFi, can be mechanical, without a battery, finger print access and even a camera. 

It is all connects to an app on your phone or on your computer screen. 

are you interested in a keyless entry? Top of the line recommendations? call, text or email  our locksmith services, we will advise you of what is best suited your door, your budget and desire. 

Storage Lockout

Lost the keys to the Uhaul storage? We are here to help!

The storage facility office does not carry extra keys for your storage, you are renting it, therefore you are the only one who has keys.

These locks are made from a heavy duty stainless steel and they are not easy to break.

Our locksmith technicians are the experts in the field when it comes to storage locks, we have many calls to open storage locks so we know the weak spots of the lock and how to get it open.

in some cases we drill the lock but it is messy and that is something we do as a last resort.

Our locksmith focuses on getting the job done with most efficient, fastest and cleanest way possible.

Imagine watching a magician at work, this is how we work, picking the lock with not too much hassle. 

So don't waste your time trying to get it off yourself, you might damage other working parts and end up paying a lot more. call us to get your storage lock open.

High Traffic Levers

In commercial buildings you will need to have a very strong and durable door handles for wood, metal and glass doors, in commercial spaces such as apartment buildings, hospitals and offices the traffic is heavy and the usage of the door handles are more often, that's is why you need to have a durable levers and better locks than just a simple residential houses and the traffic is not as heavy as commercial spaces. 

Our big  variety of locks you  can choose from can be sent to you and list of options, types and shapes to choose from, or we can send one of our representative  out to you with a catalog to get you the right lock for your business, whether it is a new building, you are a contractor who is looking to get the best locks for your project or a building manager and you want to have all the doors fixed with new locks.

You can also choose the option to get all the locks to be on a master key system. 

So don't get to worried about who will have your back regarding business and commercial building lock, just give us a call and will already start the process of getting you on the right track to have the building locked and secured the right way. 

Core Locks

Using core locks has made changing locks or keys, very easy.

It is simple when you have a control key to slide the core out of the housing lock and switch it with a new one and a new key. 

It is usually used for big chain fast food restaurant doors. 

The core lock can be used with 3 different type of keys, a master key that will open all of the doors and maybe other locations, a single location key, and the control key. 

The master key is usually given to the region manager, the supply truck and more people who need access to many of the branches. 

The location key is given to the specific branch manager and other employees who have been trusted to open and close to restaurant. 

the control key usually stays with the locksmith who's in charge of replacing the locks. 

This was a demonstration of how core lock can be used and what should be used for.

Core locks are very sophisticated locks and very hard to pick or break. 

Do you need one for your restaurant? give us a call for more information.

Push Bar Exit Device

Every commercial building's exit has to be equipped with a push bar device, mostly on rear exit door's, it is require by the building code.

Incase of emergency evacuation, some buildings, mainly commercial, has to have a fire exit alarm, so if it's dark and the power if off there are signs that shows the way to exit and alarm so you can't miss it. 

Installing fire alarm exit are required to have license, at the moment we are not capable of installing any low voltage security devices, but we do install locks that doesn't require to have wire connection but battery operation. 

Our locksmith company has been installing locks repairing old ones and replacing incase needed, our locksmith technicians are well educated, equipped with the right tools for the job and get the job done right the first time. 

Push bar devices are necessary on metal doors commercial 

building's exits and are also installed on a glass door with a three point locking system, which makes the door securely shut. 

Need to know more?

Read more about three point locking mechanism 

Lever Exit Trim

In many commercial buildings there are push to exit devices, but what is behind it when you want to get in but the door is latched and without the door being pushed from the inside the door can't be open. 

In many cases the door is locked with on the outside which makes it an emergency exit, now, when you have a lever trim then most likely it is an entrance as well as exit. 

Lever exit trim is a durable product and made to withstand high traffic, (some better then others) when the original lever exit trim fails and does not respond or break, there is always a replacement option, might not be the exact same thing but it will work. 

The Lever exit trim has two variations-

A mortise cylinder which makes it a key option and a trim without an option to insert a key cylinder.

Does your exit lever trim malfunction?

Is the lever not responding anymore? 

Do you think you need a new lock? 

Call text or email us to get more information about your lock or your door. 

File Cabinet Locks

Lost key to your cabinet lock? call us and we'll send someone to pick the lock and maybe get you a key if it's possible, some of the locks have a code on them numbers and or letters makes it easier to look up the lock key code and cut a key for your lock, but if your lock does not have a code on it will most likely have to replace it with a new one. So if you have a cabinet lock or a lock with a small key just give us call and we will let you know what is the best to do, whether to replace or make you a new key.

We can also replace your lock to be a keyless lock, use a card to open or keypad lock.

You're a hospital or an urgent care and have a medicine cabinets that only authorized personal have access to, you need to have a keypad or electronic access that is when you call us to come and install the right lock, that will last and will best suit to your needs.

If you want to know more about cabinets lock and how they work,

click here

Door Closers

Any commercial building, whether it multiple unit building,  an office building or a store, should have a door closer. 

What is a door closer? It is usually installed on top of the door on the out side or inside of the door, when the door is pulled or pushed open it swings right back automatically preventing the door from being slammed shut, when the door is being slammed even though it has a closer, it means that the door closer either gone bad or the speed needs to be adjusted.

How do you know when the door closer has gone bad? 

When there is an oil leak means that the box cannot hold the pressure any longer, there is a crack and the oil slips out. 

If you find yourself at a situation such as this, call us.

We will send a locksmith technician, they will inspect and will tell you right away whether it is fixable or a replacement is due.

Master Key System

Own a big apartment building? 

Do you want to have one key for all locks? 

Master key system is the way to go, when you have an emergency or you need to get something fixed and the tenants are not present, instead of walking with big ring full of keys, or a keys cabinet with some of the keys missing and wasn't returned, you have one key and it is the master key. 

The way master rekey works, is there are 2 different sets of pins in the cylinder-

1. The original pins so the tenant can lock and unlock. 

2. Master key pins so the land lord or maintenance can enter the apartment.

 When you have a new tenant move in and you want them to have keys to the apartment,  you don't use the old ones, because the previous tenant might have copied the keys, you call us and we change the lock to a different key setting but the master key setting will remain the same. 

You don't have a master key system in your apartment building? call us today and save a lot of money and don't change the locks to a new ones every time a new tenant moves in. 

AdamsRite Mortise Fresh Installation

Do you have a metal glass door and you want to get another lock on it? Do you currently have no lock on the office entrance door? 

Call us and we can make new holes fresh cut and install what ever lock you desire on your door, whether it is mechanical keypad lock, a battery operated more advanced lock or just a simple lock with a key or a push pedal to exit.

We can help you decide and eventually choose from what fits best, your door and you. 

Fresh installation is, when you have not lock on the door and no existing holes, this require a special skill, technique, precision, craftsmanship and experience, to handle such door. 

A glass commercial building when drilling new holes, needs to be handle with special care, a move in the wrong direction can cause a great damage, will not specify.

Our technicians are very well trained and have done fresh installation on metal glass door before, you can trust us to get the job done right, clean and on the same day. 

Need more information about mortise Adams Rite fresh installation? 

Click here for vide

Latch Guards

Many doors have spaces between them and the frame, so when the latch is not protected any one can slide a card or a flat screwdriver and push the latch over to unlock the door. 

No one wants their office or business to be an easy access for unwanted personal, that is why your door needs a latch guard, it is protects the weakest points between door and the frame.

Let us come and install extra security, our locksmith technician will recommend what is best for your door and lock. 

So give us a call and will send someone right over. 

Protect what is your and don't let your business be an easy target.

Read more about latch guards.


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