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Locked out of the car

Vehicle Lockout

Locked out of your car and you need to get in? 

Give us a call now and we'll send a locksmith technician to you as soon as possible. 

We are here for you if you are locked out,  get you in the car in no time, 24 hours. 

Provide us with your location and we'll provide you with an exact time of arrival.

Key Extracting

Extracting a broken key from your ignition sounds so easy, let me tell you, it is NOT!!!

When a key gets broken inside your ignition or a door lock, taking it out is no simple task, sometimes the key will swing sideways, sometimes the steering wheel in your way and you can't see what's inside the ignition cylinder, and the hardest of all is that you have to make sure that all of the tumblers (wafers) are pressed aside and you are able to grab the key and pull it out. 

Our locksmith technician is well equipped and experienced extraction broken keys from locks and  ignitions without damaging the lock and being able to reuse. 

Don't go to YouTube and make it even worst, call us today.

Key Fobs

Key fobs makes getting in to your car very convenient.

You bought a second hand vehicle from a dealer or a privet person but they only gave you one key, give us a call and tell us what's the year make and model of your vehicle and we'll set you up with a brand new key fob for your car. 

If you just want to get a quote, go to the top of the page, click get a quote. 

If you have a keyless entry, a newer model vehicle, we can also help you with that, it is always good to have an extra key fob somewhere safe in your house incase you have lost the first one. 

Don't wait until it happens, get yours today. 

Ignition Repair

An ignition cylinder gets worn out with the years, the tumblers as we in the locksmith business call it wafers go bad after year and years of usage. 

(We have seen that it most likely to happen to Honda, Acura and Subaru vehicles)

But don't you worry, we have got a solution and options available incase your ignition cylinder malfunction. 

Our locksmith technicians are able to disassemble the ignition by taking the cover off and rekey the ignition completely which makes it easy for you to use, there's no need to take a have a separate key for the door and the ignition, we will match it to the original key.

Save money and headaches and give us a call, so we can get you going today.

Car Key Duplication

We are a locksmith business based in Buffalo NY and what is a locksmith if not making key and duplicating them? 

Our customers are most important to us as we are to them when they need us the most, even duplicating a simple key when no one else is available to do so, we are there to give you that key you need so much, to give to someone close to you when you purchase a home so if or when you get stuck out of the house or out of your car you just call them and they will get you that key you got duplicated just for this specific events. 

Call us, or even stop us in the middle of the street while our technicians driving the locksmith van and get your key duplicated.

Key Programming

Our key programming machines are able to program, extract the codes from your vehicle ECU and write it to the key so it will be able to communicate and transmit a signal to the immobilizer so you are able to start the car. Without programming the key there is no communication between the key to the immobilizer and the car won't start. 

In some vehicles you don't have to program the key, which makes it very easy to just make the key and start the car, but it also makes it very easy for thieves to steal the car too. 

Ready to find out which one is your car? 

Give us a call, send us an email or just text us.

We'll be happy to answer any question you've got.

V.A.T.S Keys

In the 1980's GM came up with the first secured chip keys, they call it VATS keys it is stands for Vehicle Anti-Theft System. 

These VATS keys  have a little resistor on them that contain a small electric current that runs through them which makes the vehicle respond to it and start right up. 

Each vehicle has a different current and the key numbers runs between 1 to 15 the bigger the number the bigger the current. 

How do we know which resistor fits your car? 

We have a special current interrogator that allows us to know which key the vehicle we are working on needs. 

Is your GM car an older model? 

Call us to get in running today. 

Lost or duplicate we can get you going with your vintage GM car.

Vehicle Services

From ignition keys, key fobs, ignition cylinders, to vehicle ECU programming.
Our Locksmith technicians does it all 
Mercedes Key fob

Mercedes Key Fob

When you have a lost, broken or malfunctioning Mercedes key fob it must be from the year 1996 to 2014, those are the years locksmiths are able to replace, cut and program a new key fob to the vehicle, from 2015 and up a key can only be ordered by a certified  dealer.

Mercedes key fob can be programmed to the vehicle by taking out the EIS- Electronic Ignition Switch reading the key information and writing a new key on the ignition module, so the EIS can communicate with the ECU.

Some models will allow us to plug in our programming machine directly through the OBD2 and program a new key fob. 

Programming a new Mercedes key fob requires internet connection. the calculation of the key code is being done online and can take a while. 

Choose our reliable locksmith services, to get the job done with the utmost precision, responsibility and professional way.

Because we know the value of the car and care about your car just as much as you do, and will treat it like our own. 

Audi key fob

Audi Key Fob

There are multiple ways to program  Audi key fob 
1. Taking out the Immobilizer, extracting information so we are able to write another key to the vehicle.
2. plugging in through OBD2 a programming machine, reading the vehicle info, unplugging the BCM2, (Body Control Module) the way the programming machine can communicate with the vehicle and program the key fob.
3. By taking out the BCM2 and extracting  2 sets of files, EEPROM and DFLASH, then a third party has to create one file containing all the information from all 3-5 vehicle computer, only then a key can be created that will match your vehicle.
4. Disassembling the instrument cluster and extracting the key information. 
Audi key fob sometimes will require all of these steps- disassembly, EEPROM, data collection and key programming, and will be done by our trained locksmith technician professional, with the top of the line and most updated key programming machines on the market. 
(Please do not try doing any of these steps at home or on your own vehicle). 

Land Rover Key Fob

Land Rover Key Fob

Every Land Rover key fob programming is different than the other, it makes sense to call a locksmith if you are in need of one, because you lost the key fob or it stopped working, that could happen as well. we know exactly what type of programming the year and model vehicle needs. 

Some Land Rover vehicles can be the same model but different year and completely different programming procedure, and some can be the same year, different model but have the same type of programming. 

Some Land Rover vehicles can be the same year, and the same model and will have different way to program and match a key to the vehicle. 

The knowledge we have is not just knowing which vehicle needs what type of programming, is how to do it and actually get the job done.

For example- We had two different Land Rover Range Rover 2009, one of them will have an ignition switch by the steering column and the other will have an ignition right next to the stick shift.

That means both will have different programming process.

Remote Start Installation

remote start key fob

Our remote start installation is not like any other places who install remote start. 

We offer a better quality, top of the line, cutting edge technology with drone capability to start the car from your phone when your are a far away from the vehicle, and get a notification when the car in on. 

Get real time location of your car, lock, unlock and start your car from a great distance.

The new technology is here, right in the palm of your hand. 

Our remote start is being installed by a skilled locksmith technicians who knows the job and how to, walking you through all the steps to make sure you know how to use and answer every question during the process. 

click the button to start the process of ordering your new remote start.

Please specify what is the year make and model and we will quote you accordingly.


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