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Put a deadbolt lock on your door today

Strengthen your home’s defense by adding an extra deadbolt on your door or installing a keyless entry with alarm notification to your phone.

Did you just move into a house and each door has a different lock or the deadbolt’s missing and not installed?

An easy way to strengthen your door security is to put a deadbolt lock on it but if the door doesn’t already have a pre-cut hole, you should call a professional to ensure accuracy and avoid damage.

Sleep better at night knowing you are safe with extra security on your door.

keyless entry lock

Defense locksmith specializes in door security lock installation providing you with the best lock suited for your door.

We recommend that you avoid buying locks at your local hardware store, and instead consult with us first to ensure you’re getting the best price and functionality you’re looking for. Give us a call and we will send a locksmith technician to your door.

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