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Repair and restore your safe

Are you locked out of your safe? Perhaps it’s too heavy to move/bring to a locksmith shop? Call Defense Locksmith to help. We are a mobile locksmith service coming directly to your home or office, saving you time and energy.

Our locksmith technician will ask that you send some pictures via text or email first so that they can determine the best steps to take and advise you of what you should do—depending on the safe’s lock function, whether its a key, keypad or a dial lock operating system, we can then determine what is needed to get the job done.

Exterior safe door repair

safe lock placement

Breaking into the safe yourself without the necessary locksmith tools can’t be done without damaging the outer shell/ door of the safe.

Have you already attempted to break into the safe and it’s now damaged?

Luckily, we can also repair safes!

Our technicians are trained to repair and restore safes*.

We repair anything from new locking mechanisms to hole repairs in the safe's door.

However, if your safe was not drilled professionally and was damaged beyond repair, then your best option is to buy a new safe. We can help you determine whether the safe is damaged beyond repair.

Let us handle your safe from start to finish. No matter how big or a small, we are experienced professionals who understand how safes work, and are equipped with the right tools to get in and / or repair.

*Within certain years; safes and vaults may vary.

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